Wat is het verschil tussen ingewikkeld en complex

Larry Cuban publiceerde been blog over her verschil tussen iets dat complex is en iets dat ingewikkeld (complicated) is. Hij schrijft:

What’s the difference between sending a rocket to the moon and getting children to succeed in school? What’s the difference between a surgeon extracting a brain tumor and a judge and jury deciding guilt or innocence for a person accused of murder?
Answers: sending a rocket to the moon and surgeons extracting brain tumors are complicated tasks while getting children to succeed in school (or, for that matter, raising a child) and the criminal justice system are complex endeavors.
A complicated system [like brain surgery or rocket science: yes I know the video] assumes expert and rational leaders, top-down planning, smooth implementation of policies, and a clock-like organization that runs smoothly. Work is specified and delegated to particular units. 
Complex systems like criminal justice, health care, and schools, there is no “mission control.” Filled with hundreds of moving parts, scores of independent players of varied expertise, embedded within an ever-changing political, economic, and societal environment, no “command center” directs all these different parts. The result: frequent conflicts, mishaps, and constant adaptations in design and action.

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