researchED 2022 London

Saturday, September 3 2022 was a day that 1500 teachers and researchers, hungry for good teaching, learning, and education converged on Parliament Hill School to present and listen to approximately 120 different sessions. I had the privilege of presenting two sessions, namely:

  • Generative Learning Strategies to Generate Productive Learning
    There’s no such thing as passive learning. Passive learning implies that – miraculously –what’s learnt leaves the mouth of the teacher or the pages of a schoolbook and osmotically permeates or perfuses into the brain. All learning is active, but not all activity facilitates effective learning. In this session different productive study activities and strategies held students learn better; more deeply for longer periods and with greater feelings of success.
  • How Teaching Happens
    Teaching is often counterintuitive. While teaching is highly contextual, it’s based on non-contextual basics such that teachers can apply those basics in an arena of chaos. And finally, good teachers know what to do when they don’t know what to do! In his latest book, Paul (along with Carl Hendrick and Jim Heal) discuss 30 seminal works on teaching and teacher effectiveness. Paul will give the attendees a taste of a few of those works.

Just click on the links if you want to see the presentations. I’ll let you know when the videos are available.