The 6 benefits of retrieval practice – a visual guide

This is a reblog of a piece from Inner Drive on retrieval practice.

Retrieval practice, the act of generating answers to questions, is one of the best ways for students to learn for the long term. Here are 6 reasons why..

Retrieval practice is essentially the process of generating an answer to a question. Not only does it allow students to test how much they have retained of a certain piece of information, it exercises their retrieval of it.
Research has shown that not only is retrieval practice a highly effective learning strategy, but also that its effects can be seen across many different disciplines, including vocabulary, maths and science.

Source: The 6 benefits of retrieval practice – a visual guide

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Also, here’s an interesting piece on rehearsal and retrieval from Tom Sherrington “Rehearsal first; retrieval practice later – an important distinction”. I remarked on the blog that this is actually built into both the Atkinson & Shiffrin model (1968) and the Baddeley & Hitch model (1974).

Atkinson & Shiffrin model

Baddeley & Hitch model