On Friday May 1, I gave a webinar / presentation for researchEDHome. In contrast with most other webinars he chose to keep the presentation short (it was less than 20 minutes which is an accomplishment for Paul J) and devote more than 40 minutes to a Q&A with the participants. The theme of the webinar was Ten Tips for Emergency Remote Teaching. Note that I don’t speak of online learning which is a well-designed and thought out design, development, production, and delivery of self-study materials, but rather of emergency remote teaching.

I explained that because of the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic, we’re all going through a period that none of us has ever experienced. With respect to teaching and learning, kids can’t attend school and we must help them learn at home. And this might last weeks or months. Fortunately, working online can offer a solution. What we need to understand is that while many of the principles used are ‘the same’ as the instructional techniques involved in face-to-face teaching, they are not all (completely) the same as what we do in the classroom. My presentation presented 10 (actually 11) useful tips to help teachers and their students.

Here is the video. In the blurb/notes is a link to my slides.